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The OIBO Team Mourns The Loss of Dr. Holtzberg 
The OIBO Team Mourns The Loss of Dr. Holtzberg 
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OIBO Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Our Orthopaedic Specialists have helped thousands of patients regain mobility and improved their quality of life. These are their stories.
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Patients deserve personalized, outcome-driven care provided by physicians who genuinely care about them. As medicine has become more corporate and transactional, OIBO prioritizes exceptional doctor/patient relationships. Our reviews tell the stories of why relationships, honesty, and exceptional care still matter.

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The Relentless Pursuit of Better Care

OIBO aims to create a center of orthopaedic excellence in Central New Jersey through the application of innovation cutting-edge orthopaedic technology, through uncommon expertise, and through a genuine patient-over-profit approach.

What We Believe.The orthonj vision.

The Power To Put Patients First

Compassionate Orthopaedic Care In New Jersey

As orthopaedic care has become more corporate and transactional, OrthoNJ prioritizes exceptional doctor/patient relationships. As part of OrthoNJ, we harness the power to put patients first. How do we do it? Through the relentless pursuit of better care.

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